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Diet and Nutrition

Be realistic

First of all, it is important to determine what a realistic goal is for you. That you weighed 55 kilos when you were 18 does not mean that this weight still suits you. Of course, photos from the past can serve as motivation, but don’t be too extreme to avoid disappointment. It is better to lose two kilos permanently than to starve yourself, lose ten kilos and fatten them up again within a week (more about the yo-yo effect).

Living healthy instead of starving

A healthy lifestyle is easier to maintain than a strict diet. Get used to leaving unhealthy snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, junk foods and other products with a lot of sugar or starch and replacing them with 6 small meals, 3 regular meals and 3 snacks. The more vegetables and fruit, the healthier of course. It is also recommended to eat proteins and complex carbohydrates. If you find it difficult to learn new eating habits, contact a dietitian who can offer you more tips and facts.

Active movement

In addition to a healthy diet, exercise is extremely important to maintain combustion and to limit the yo-yo effect. People with a normal posture should exercise for half an hour every day. If you are overweight, exercise or exercise at least one hour a day, five days a week. For example, go hiking or cycling.

Losing weight often slower than expected

We would prefer to lose all those excess kilos in one week, right? Losing weight is not that fast. Remember that you have to lose around 7000 calories per kilo of fat. Calculate it. As a woman you need an average of 2000 calories per day and as a man 2500. If you want to lose 1 kilo per week, that means that you have to burn 1000 calories every day. In other words, as a woman you should halve your daily energy sources! Take it a bit easier and accept that losing weight is not that fast. Half a kilo a week is a nice goal.