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Fitness and Health
The popularity of fitness is increasing every year. In 2019 there are already 3,000,000 Dutch people who are members of a gym. You are probably reading this article because you are considering adding yourself to this group. But where do you start searching, where the range of gyms grows along with the number of people who practice the sport? In this article we give you a number of tips so that you can find the gym that best suits your needs. This can be a gym in the area or, for example, a gym .

Determine your requirements for the gym

Before you start searching, it is advisable to clarify a number of things for yourself. Think of things like: What do I want to pay? How far do I want to travel? How long do I want to become a member? And what should the minimum be present in the gym? When you have this clear to yourself, you will see that you can already cross a number of gyms in your area.

Read reviews of gyms

A good way to get an impression of a gym is to orientate yourself with the people who already work there. Ideally, this is a friend, colleague, colleague or family member. However, it is often the case that you may not know people who are already working out at your possible future gym. In that case, online reviews offer a solution. For example, in your search for a gym in Rotterdam, you can consult the website of the new gym, or see if there are Google reviews about the gym. Reviews are of course not always objective, but you often get a picture of whether the gym suits you or not.

Test the sum at the fitness club

Have you found one or two gyms that seem to meet your needs? Then see if it is possible to request a trial lesson, trial day or trial week. Many fitness clubs offer this for free, or for a small fee. Usually, you get the amount you pay back when you decide to become a member, but in the worst case it costs you € 10 and you have had a good workout! By experiencing the gym yourself you often find out quickly whether you see yourself exercising there or not at all.

Which subscription should I choose in the gym?

When the trial lesson is delivered, it is time to choose a subscription. Consider for yourself at what time you usually want to exercise. Maybe an off-peak subscription is something for you. With an off-peak subscription, you can exercise more cheaply, but you are only welcome between certain times (often during the day). It is also good to see how often you expect to work out. Some gyms offer subscriptions where you are welcome once or twice a week, at a cheaper rate than with unlimited sports! Have you found the right subscription? Then we wish you a lot of sports success!